Case Study
Pasted is an IOS app that lets you quickly create and share collage art.

Our Approach

We wanted to create an app that fostered self expression and gave people a tool to express that creativity online. Inspired by the feel of creating a handmade collage, Pasted uses gestures to make on the fly adjustments including adding filters, backgrounds, and offers free and paid cut-outs called Paste Packs”.

Our Contributions

  • User Research
  • Product Strategy
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
Make cool things

How it works

Pasted auto-clips images from your photo library. You can change the mask at any time to show more or hide different parts of your image. Move your image around, shrink or enlarge it, and add more images as you go. Swiping left and right changes filters. Up and down changes your background color.

Add to Your Collage with Paste Packs

Create from Paste Packs with different themes like 90’s shapes, nature and graphic minimalism, hats and staches, or the Dead Alive pack inspired by The Shins single.

We've been so stoked

People have been making incredible art

We thought people would make collages of their friends, and it turned out that they got way more creative. Here is some of the art they have been sharing on Instagram.

You gotta get this one app, it’ll change your life, I swear.”

Aaron Souppouris
The word is out

People have said things. Pasted has been recognized as a new medium for the always-connected individual to professional creatives. Check out what the tech, entertainment and creative industries are saying.